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What major school renovations will be funded through this bond proposal?

The schools listed below are scheduled for
renovation or additions at a cost of $30 million. In United I.S.D. major renovations include replacing or upgrading the following systems: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, energy management, fire sprinkler and alarms, and upgrading to current standards.
• Arndt Elementary School – 16 classrooms

will be added and expansion of the

parking area
• Trautmann Elementary School – 16

classrooms will be added as well as the

enclosure of the open area
• Newman Elementary School – expansion

of cafeteria and enclosure of the canopy

to classroom wing
• Clark Middle School – band hall expansion
• Alexander High School – expansion of

band hall, Career and Technology

classrooms, and ROTC center
• Kennedy – Zapata Elementary

School – improvements in parking area
• Gonzalez Middle School – Install

lighting and new sidewalks
• United South High School – Renovate

existing science labs, replace gym floor
• Replacement of Air Conditioning/Energy

Management Systems at Gutierrez,

Juarez – Lincoln, Kazen, Prada, Trautmann

Elementary, Ruiz, Clark Middle, United

9th grade campus, and Brantley Hall
• Expansion of food storage area at

United I.S.D. Food Production Center